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Pay to be promoted?

A few times my main gig has been bumped to the homepage (not featured, it just gets bumped to the top of the front page and slowly makes it’s way down during the next couple of days). When I’ve been bumped like that it’s helped generate orders and interest in my gig and really helps out. I think it would be cool if sellers had the opportunity to purchase the option to do this.

I wouldn’t like having true talent be pushed down simply because someone with money is buying a top spot and possibly hurting others sales. Being on the front page/featured gives customers a feeling of quality work there. Just my opinion. But I worked hard to get featured and I wouldn’t like someone spending their income from here just to push others down.

Yeah that’s an interesting point… Maybe a different solution would be better, maybe sidebar ads like Facebook has. And maybe if someone was searching for certain gigs, related gigs would come up in advertised results in the sidebar, or even in the search results themselves, but clearly marked as “sponsored” results.

That’s how the search engines include sponsored results while still maintaining the integrity of their non-sponsored results. I would gladly pay to promote my gig on Fiverr, if there was a way.

The best ideea for promoting gigs is NOT to pay for it.

But to have someone from Fiverr staff hand pick the best, newset, most interesting gigs and put them first, for 1 day/week…/several days.

I agree with both answers above…You see I think that it will lower the interest of people in fiverr because people love when their talent is appraised… Thats the fact and Fiverr does it by itself…

I have never even looked to see where my listing is… wonder if we could have a feature that shows us in our gig what the current “position” is from the home page. Or wait, that may be depressing to see “Your gig is number 3,456,789”

I see it as a potential win-win-win for Fiverr, the seller and the customers. Fiverr earns money from the promotions, the sellers get their gig promoted and can bring in more sales, and the users get sponsored results related to what they searched for.

Reply to elliott22x: I agree those who generate a lot of revenue could monopolize the front page of FIVERR 24/7.

On other hand if someone has a unique idea but they are getting drowned out by the mass results, it would be a good way to promote their gig. If it was handled well I don’t think it would be a bad thing.

I kinda like the idea, but it has to be controlled. Set some sort of limit, ie Featured but for certain period of days only etc. And after the gig was featured and its period ended, it can only be bought/featured again after 3 months etc.

3 months is excessive. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to pay to get featured because otherwise the first page would always be flooded with people that have been on fiverr for a long time and had lots of business.

I think the rate of being featured again should be based on feedback performance and how quick you deliver work andmaybe 1 month but definitelt not 3!

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I simply don’t support this idea, I’ve been working and staying on places where just few dollars would get you on a superior place than other “common” people.

Well, it might be few dollars to get featured… 10-15$? No, it might seem good at the very begining, you would enjoy this for a week or two, but as soon as people understand that they need just few dollars to get featured they would have no problems to pay for it. But let’s think about this situation. If someone it’s ok paying 15$ to get featured then everybody would be featured and the only solution is to increase and increase prices to get featured. So when we get to waste 100$ (exageration) to get featured you will also understand that fiverr would not support anymore the real good work but just the people with the money, and while they get more money by being featured they will be able to buy more and more time to be featured… while true talented and high quality gigs will never… never… have a possibility to grow up.

That’s my point of view.

Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile: