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Pay to Make a Buyer's Request


Charge people to make a request.

These people are ‘in the mood’ to buy anyway, so why not?

Ask them to make a deposit, just $5. They will be spending money anyway.

This will mean that sellers need to pay $5 to ‘advertise’ themselves in the buyer’s request section. Based on the poeple that are advertising there, I doubt many people would.


This is actually a very interesting concept.

I do see the importance of doing something like that.


I would quit using Buyer’s Request.

I use it all the time and have hired lots of seller from it.

I don’t encourage a charge to post there but rather having the added funds go towards your project.

And those that have funds in their team account shouldn’t be targeted at all.


More like when the buyer select a seller , that 5$ goes to the seller as a discount so nothing is lost…

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5r consists of buyers and sellers.

I wonder how buyers would feel about this idea?

I, for one, again:


using buyer’s request.

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What if you make a $5 ‘guarantee’ deposit to create a request, and as soon as you find an offer, pay the seller & get your goods, then Fiverr will refund you that deposit - you won’t lose any money.

Or, like @thecreativeguys said, it could also be used as a $5 advance payment that will be included in the price you pay the seller as soon as you find a seller for your request.

I don’t see why you would quit using Fiverr because of this, if implemented properly and given enough thought… or maybe I’m missing something :smiley:


I would quit using buyer’s request, not 5r.

If 5r does this, they will have to guarantee me at least one quality seller will bid within my budget that is NOT using

  • Stock, celebrity, fake profile picture
  • Stolen, Google downloaded gig picture
  • Plagiarized gig/profile description from Google or from another seller
  • Coherent and well written gig description

The last voiceover, I hired 4 sellers with one in reserve.

The voiceover prior to that, I hired 0 - not one qualified seller bid.


I’m not against payment requirement if there’s a guarantee that buyer will be able to use it towards their order or gets their money back under certain circumstances.

However, I think there are better and probably easier solutions. Reporting option should be fairly simple. If you get reported X amount of times then some kind of penalty will be given to your account.
Right now it’s a bit unfair that sellers with less than 90% rating won’t be able to make offers, but there’s no penalty for buyers to post requests. As long as you bypass the keyword filter you’re good to go.

Let’s face it, right now most of us don’t bother to write to CS about inappropriate requests. I think Fiverr is one of the few that doesn’t have this option. They can check UW or other sites if they can’t think of their own solution :slight_smile:


This is a new one I haven’t heard before… oh well, we live and learn.

I think that just adding a “REPORT” button will solve many problems in BR section.

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I’m not sure I understand this bit. How do you propose to effect this payment? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Other sites charge for it (after a certain limit), but these take lower commissions than Fiverr. I’d limit my use of the system if they go that route - maybe even quit. Most of my first-time sales come from the BR section.

As in, the $5 will be used on whatever they buy from buyer requests.