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Payapal account attached to fiverr

I want to know that… can I add different bank account by going into my existing paypal account and make it primary account instead of the older one to get any fiverr transferred amount…will it affect my transferred process

Can you please be more specific what you want to know ?

@ilovenish I have my bank account(ICICI) added in the paypal …whenever I transfer my fiverr money to paypal than paypal deposit that money in my attached bank account(ICICI)…
Now the thing I want to know that can I remove that bank account(ICICI) and add my other bank account there in Paypal …will it affects any fiverr transactions

I think it is about you and paypal. Not about you and fiverr.
So you can add another bank account on paypal.

Do you know that by doing so, your paypal account can be restricted.
Dont touch everything was fine

You can add or remove bank accounts from PayPal with no affect on transactions from Fiverr. whatsoever. Fiverr transactions will be added to your PayPal balance which can then be sent to any linked bank account.