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Payed for watermark, never recieved work

The seller made a custom order for $100 and he requested completion with a watermark of the unfinished work. I payed the total and he keeps telling me to wait for him to send it, but its been over 1 day. I even submitted a new gig asking to just give me the work from the original gig.

Order number: #FO4132DE717C6


You should contact customer support, I’m sure they will help you. We are just sellers and buyers in here, we can’t do anything. Also it is against the rules to call out a seller by their name, you should delete it from your post

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He asked you to accept a delivery that was not complete and now he is not sending it? Contact CS and you will get your money back.

Never accept incomplete work.

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You need to remove the name of the seller (as advised) as that is not allowed on the forum.

Otherwise your post will be flagged by the community.

Thank you I removed it.

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Customer Support wasnt working. It was requiring the order number, but my order number isnt accepted each time I enter it. Do you have a link to Customer Support or a phone number?

Here is the link:

How do I contact Customer Support? They wont accept the order number field when I try to report.

You mean here, it doesn’t accept the number?

Leave it empty.

Correct, my order Id is FO4132DE717C6 and it never goes through. Tried app and browser, rewrote request about 6 times now

Type this Order ID - you might be copying it and that’s why it is not being accepted.

It says invalid order id after deleting and typing it in

Just send them an email, you won’t have those technical problems.

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Type just an order number without # sign

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I tried that as well. I finally emailed them and they opened a support ticket linked to the wrong email initially. Then I finally got a ticket linked to my account, but the rep told me “you dont need to open additional tickets” when the original one never showed. The current one is: #5083143

He’s basically giving me the run-around to close my ticket over $100 at this point. I just wanted the completed work.

Did you try Twitter? Sending them detailed explanation and order number might help.

Also seller all this time is not responding?

What did he do, what has watermark? Can you remove it?

I didnt try Twitter, that sounds like a bad idea since they want to close the only ticket linked to my account when i explained to them i was never able to access the first ticket.

The seller is not responding anymore.

The watermark was how they presented the completion to pay. They presented it as an example to approve the work as job completion so i dont stiff them and take his work. After messaging him about it multiple times he finally sent half of the custom order we agreed upon in a .rar file. I have explained all this in depth numerous times to no avail. I have tried everything and only recieved an illusion of actual progress.

Image or video?

He was suppose to deliver image and he send it with watermark over or video?

And he did not send you anything and you accepted?

Why on Earth did you do that?

Fiverr is not set so you get watermarked items in delivery with seller watermark. Fiverr has system to implement Fiverr watermark in delivery and remove it when you accept order.

There was an image of the logo i wanted them to create with a watermark that said fiverr. It was tied to a payment function for completion. There was no other work attached to it, nothing was removed, replaced and sent to me or anything.