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Paying a Tip for Job Well Done


ATTENTION: fiverr design staff: I am a buyer and wanted to tip the seller. But I wanted to tip AFTER the product was delivered to specs (not on the front end). I cannot find a way to give a tip for a job well done on the back end. I would suggest that part of the final approval process include a way to give a $$$ tip! This problem is costing your sellers money!!!


Reply to @advertiser_seo: Why don’t you just leave the instructions blank? That way the buyer doesn’t need to respond and the order will be automatically activated without instructions…


I created a special gig for this purpose, many of my buyers were generous enough to order(around 100 orders) and in the instructions i wrote "Thank you."

Right now, i have 10+ orders in queue waiting for buyers to respond to my instructions.

I’ll never get those tips.


I am a buyer — Using the “add another gig” option involves TOO MANY steps … us buyers want a single click solution. It is not right that sellers are having to find work arounds for something so important!!!