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Paying Buyer for Video of Review

I have a gig that entails coaching Call of Duty players. I’ve been fairly successful and would like to add a video to my gig page to hopefully further my gig’s impression count at the very least among other things. I was thinking of reaching out to buyers that left positive reviews and asking to pay them for a video or audio recording of the review that they left. Is this an okay thing to do? Would I be breaking any ToS agreement?


Paying people to recommend you on video… What do you think?

It’s bias. Not ok.


Even though I’m not paying them to review me favorably, but just reciting a review they’ve already written themselves months ago? They had already left 5 stars for “would recommend”, so I don’t see how it becomes me paying them to recommend my services.

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Money = bias. Period.

The fact.that you aren’t directing an outcome doesn’t change that and nothing makes bias credible or effective or allowed on Fiverr. Read the ToS.

This wouldn’t even work. You’d have to break the ToS to send them money.

Your idea to pay them to give testimonials gets a little bit iffy, but your base idea of a video perhaps showing gameplay and reading some of your positive reviews out loud isn’t a bad one. Consider hiring a voice over artist on Fiverr to narrate what you want to say (‘As RandomFiverrUser says, trvtechy was great and taught me how to 360 noscope in record time.’) and then set it to some clips from your game.

Fiverr users reference their own reviews in their gig descriptions – I do it too!

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Thanks for your input! Definitely a great idea!

You can take screen shots of those and just turn them into a beautiful animated video. Simple and nice.

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I see how involving money makes the whole approach sketchy. Definitely not what I’m trying to accomplish. Will likely go with the approach suggested by " [sixthsea] ". Thanks for taking the time to talk about this!

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