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Paying Cash to other account


Hi guys.
I have a question because I am new on Fiverr. If I have $100 in my Fiverr account, then can I pay to other Fiverr account from my Fiverr account?


Do you have more than one Fiverr Account?


No. I mean If I get some help from sellers. So I have to pay to the sellers…


Okie Dokie :ok_hand:t4:

Anyway, to answer your question.

YES! You can purchase gigs from other Sellers with your 5r balance.

Keep in mind, Sellers have to pay the fee as well!


You mean if I have 5r or $5? in my account so I can purchase gigs from $5?


5r is just short for Fiverr.

If you’ve got enough money sitting in your account. Go for it! :pineapple:


Oh God. Lol Okay… :smiley:


Goddess is fine, too! :wink:




Good reply since you are she…haha