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Paying extra for vector files


I’m disappointed with my first buying experience on Fiverr. I paid extra to have 3 logo concepts done in a hurry. All good there, but was very disappointed to find on receipt of the proofs that to receive one of them as a final vector file was going to cost me extra and 10-20 days extra time. I understood the designers description that one choice could be made from the three, but nowhere did I see at that ordering stage or indeed until after the designs were done, that receiving the final work was going to be an extra cost. I know they were designed in Illustrator because I advised that we would want the final files provided as .ai’s. So what conversions needed to be done? Not a good experience and has left a bad taste in my mouth. Is this how other logo designers handle their business on Fiverr? I would far rather have paid extra at the outset and known exactly the process than to be let down in this way.

Rant over.


This is not how other logo designers handle orders. Usually .ai and or .eps is part of the standard delivery with other file formats costing extra (like .svg, .png, etc). Hopefully this doesn’t sully your perception of all logo designers on the site because there are some really good ones here.


Even if they charge extra for vector files, I don’t understand why it would take an extra 10-20 days when the work is already finished. All they should have to do at that point is upload the file.

Unless they stole the logo designs and need time to re-draw the work in a vector format, in which case you’re better off cancelling the order.

mintdezyn said: Is this how other logo designers handle their business on Fiverr?

To answer your question, no. Each Seller is different and so are their Gigs. Always communicate with the Seller first! If have any concerns after reading the Gig details, contact the Seller directly before ordering, this way there are no surprises. :)


I offer vector file for the basic $5 gig…in three days.


While I agree 10-20 days is a bit much, a lot of this is prestated so you should be prepared.

Hopefully it’s a sooner delivery rather then a later.


I hope this does not deter you from sourcing other gigs with similar description. Search and you will find the good ones. I see you even got an offer above :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Most gigs state what file formats you job will be delievered in. Many times sellers will charge extra for the editable files. Did you reread the gig from the seller that you bought from? What does it say about final files?

I agree though, the 10-20 days is a bit much and I would be suspect about that. I would consider asking for a cancellation based on the time frame. If the gig says that it costs extra to get vector files, then that part is just a learning lesson.

Also, don’t expect to get a logo with final editable files for $5. The good logo designers don’t do that, it’s normal to pay a few dollars more.