Paying for a service


I am currently trying to purchase a service.

I triple checked the account number and it is correct.

The CCV number is right.

I think the problem could be the expiration date…I was typing it in as 0724 July 2014…is there another way I should be doing it?

I am using a VISA gift card I bought from Target. I prefer to use gift cards when I purchase something online so I don’t have to worry about identity theft etc…But this should not be a problem.

Any suggestions?



I just tried to purchase a gig and tried both with my PayPal account AND a credit card and got the message “the payment could not be processed.” Is Fiverr having a problem processing payments? I KNOW it’s not on my side… so… what’s up? So, @dallasfan you’re not the only one! If I was selling gigs on Fiverr, I’d be concerned. HELP!


Thanks, maybe someone on their end will figure it out.


It sounds like a technical glitch.

Try another browser, if it fails wait a few minutes before you try again. If it’s an ongoing issue you might want to contact customer support at


I never thought about using another browser…but it’s worth a try.

I am currently using Google Chrome…


Actually - nevermind. In my case, I had a wrong password… duh! Hope your problem gets corrected.


I purchased 8 gigs today and it all went through just fine. I used my credit card just like you, don’t care too much for paypal.

IF your expiration date is July 2014 then you should type in 0714 - which is expired by now; if it’s July 2024 then you should type in 0724.


Yes, I figured it out…I changed browsers…I was using Chrome and then I changed to Bing.
Then I retyped my information and typed in 07/2024 .

There was a different window that popped up after I changed to Bing.

It’s working now, I sent it out.

Thanks for everyone’s help.



Glad it worked ;). Good luck!