Paying for a tip now?!?!?!?!?!?!



I’ve been happily using fiverr for several years as a buyer. I always like the option to tip my seller for work well done. Now, all of a sudden, I’m charged an additional fee from fiverr when I tip my seller. This is ridiculous and is a deterrent to people tipping. Is there any way around this???


I totally agree with you here. :ok_hand:t4:

I :heart: tipping Sellers for a job well done.

Recently, the added fee to tip on top of the order fee is just silly.

It’s like milking the cash :cow2: over and over again.

I’m not happy! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know we aren’t supposed to communicate with Sellers directly, but now I’m wondering about offering them a tip via PayPal or Venmo.


Also, I tried talking to Customer Support twice and told them that it is completely unacceptable to be charged for tipping. I didn’t get any good suggestions from them. :frowning:


If you do it, you might get banned. If the seller accepts it, they will definitely get banned. Anything financial being done outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden.


WOW, that totally sucks!

I can see if I know the Seller, I can pay them extra money up front. But if they are a new one to me, I might not want to tip them in advance.

Not cool.


I think most users agree on this.


LOL… There’s not enough money for them… The Greed is strong with this one… I understand that they have servers and other costs to cover, but damn…


Yeah, that is a decent solution.
If you use someone regularly, you can add a tip up front to the next order


You’re so right. That will make buyers think twice if they want to tip a seller and if s/he worth it.

It is a solution, but the all point of tipping someone is to give them the feedback of doing a great job. Here’ it’s just an assumption, even if it’s a regular costumer.


Agreed with you,. because of this buyer will think twice before giving a tip


what buyers need for tipping is don’t think but just do it :sunglasses::+1:


I had a seller ask me to add $30 to his order for a tip last week and to be honest, it felt kinda weird, I didn’t like doing it at all. He had placed a few orders in a row and the last one was for $25, but I didn’t want to make that $55, so I sent a custom offer for $40 instead. I probably did myself out of some money, so its my own fault, but it felt yukky adding the tip onto the order. MUCH easier to tip at the end - with the normal 20% fee, not the additional fee on top…


This is so wrong, fiverr need to correct this, who thought of this idea & actually dare to implement it really is greed till a level of insane stupidness.


This is too much greedy. They are already charging $2 for fee transactions on each order and then again charging on TIPS. Fiverr is becoming too much stupid platform day by day. Why they don’t just say the sellers and buyers to leave this platform as we are going to terminate it instead of making stupid changes daily and hurting both sellers and buyers,


No, I am suggesting that when a new order is placed, they can give a tip for the previous job.
It really does not make sense to pay $7 for the seller to get a $4 tip.


Fiverr isn’t going anywhere. They are not “terminating” this platform. I don’t like all of the changes either, but complaining about them won’t help you become a better seller. Take action, and find ways to work within the rules. If those rules change later on, great. If not, work with what you have, and build your business within the current rules.


By the way I am not making any complain. I am just giving suggestion to Fiverr. Or we cannot share our comments with fiverr for all these new changes.


I know complaints when I see them. And no, calling Fiverr and their actions “greedy” and “stupid” is not a “suggestion”… it’s an insult. A suggestion is constructive. Your comment was not constructive.

If you truly wish to offer constructive advice to Fiverr, offer solutions, not insults.


Insult! Oh really? They know what they are doing in these days.