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Paying for Fiverr Learn

Hello community!

So I want to take a Fiverr learn course… is there a way I can pay with the money I already have in my Fiverr account?
I’m only getting credit card and PayPal options…

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Those are the only options available at present.

Check this out:

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see @lloydsolutions ToS, thank you!!

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There is no buyers account containing funds!

Edit: I see you have changed your reply. My link above explains how this works.


Hi there @lloydsolutions, Oh, sorry about that. I am a buyer myself and the amount I have left on my buyers account I call it funds, but maybe I should’ve named it differently… :rofl::joy: Thank you for pointing this out!! CHEERS!! :rofl:

Well this is unfortunate…

But thanks a lot for the replies!