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Paying for service

Hi, The person that just finished my website has sent me a zipfile to download (to pay him) Am I allowed to do this or does it have to go through paypal?

You are supposed to pay for an order first, before a seller does the job.

No do not pay through a zip file.

You are supposed to pay for an order from a seller first through fiverr.

I guess he sent the message in a zip file to try to hide it from fiverr. I can’t understand why you didn’t just place an order for his gig? All payments are supposed to be through fiverr’s payment system. To not do this is not to your advantage, since any problems with the order can be refunded by fiverr if necessary.


I didnt know he told me to pay him after he finished. After he sent me the file I started feeling funny about it so I got on here and ask. I havent paid him yet. Thank you for your help.


I am new to this stuff. I have never ordered anything on here.

You should report him to fiverr customer support! This is against fiverr’s rules and not in favor of the buyer at all.


Ok Thanks. I will remember this in the future.

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