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Paying seller isn't easy


I tried to buy 3 or 4 gigs for specific sellers several times and it won’t work so I pay 1 at a time through paypal and the transaction won’t go through until later…sometimes. I’m not getting the option of multiple gigs. Any bit of help I’ve been given does not work. It does show the transactional payment has been made to ‘fiverr’ in my paypal account. It’s frustrating trying to buy and pay for gigs and I can’t.



If the person you’re buying from is a newbie (hasn’t earned level one yet), that is why you can’t buy multiple gigs at a time. Fiverr doesn’t give newbies that option–they have to earn it.


Thanks for response…I suppose that’s the problem but out of curiosity how do I know i if they are a newbie?


I just had a similar issue. I purchased a gig with a couple of upsells for a total of $25. However, when I clicked on the paypal logo, it didn’t actually take me to the Paypal payment page. Yet somehow the system shows that I paid $5. Huh?