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Paying to draw copyrighted characters?

Hey, i just got a customer that asked me to draw a reference sheet of a Purrloin (a pokemon)
aka presumably their character who is a Purrloin.

Of course i said i could do that but then i thought wether or not that would violate copyright? Since you cant use fanart of copyrighted characters for example in your gig portfolio either.

Do i have to just tell them to uncheck the portfolio thing so the finished work isnt publicly visible on my portfolio, or do i have to turn this buyer down?

thanks in advance ^^

thanks so much for everyone’s answers <3 ill ask if they have permission (most likely not lol) and otherwise turn them down


In the real world, both the designer and the client can get in trouble for copyright violation. If I were you, I would decline this project or demand proof from the buyer that they are not violating the copyright. Even if nothing would happen (probably), it is the right thing to do.



I would also turn the job down.

Having spent dozens of years in the Media Industry, I can assure you that you don’t want to chance it with something that is copyrighted.

Corporate lawyers like to crush the little guy.

Right now, you are the little guy.

Be professional and set a standard for your freelance career by not getting involved in copyright issues.


I always try not to repeat the good advice that others have already handed out, but I’m chipping in because I’m reminded of a similar thread from a few weeks ago. In that discussion the op was convinced they could sell their own ‘fan art’ images of trademarked characters under the rules of fair usage. You can’t.

You are not allowed to profit from creative works owned by someone else unless you have a licence agreement. If you did go ahead with this job then, although the risk of getting caught is likely to be small, as the artist making money from drawing the character - you would be liable. Plus you never know how the buyer would use the image.