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Payment after 14 days

Hey guys, why does Fiverr release the payments after 14 days. Isn’t this unfair. 14 days is a lot of time to wait for money to come. Is there a way we can get the payment faster.
Thank you!

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If you were to work for a fulltime job, you will get paid monthly. So what is the issue?

As I’ve experienced, once you keep doing the gigs, your gigs gets done more often and you reach to a point where you’ll be getting the payment daily or in 2-4 days or let’s say a very short time. And another thing, if $100 is released, I wait for more orders to complete so it will accumulate to $1000 or atleast $500, and then only I get the money out.

I know if Fiverr wouldn’t hold the money we’d feel better but even if they won’t hold the money, I’ll sure won’t take out my money till a certain amount.

And also I think Fiverr holds money for precautionary reasons, if anything goes wrong and there would be a need for the client to claim back. I guess.

Also Fiverr does have a system to release payments in 7 days but for that you’ll have to be a Top Rated Seller, check here