Payment and Delivery


I want to buy Traffic. After I hit the pay button it sent me to the paypal page. Once I hit pay how does the seller know which website I want the traffic to go to when the paypal page reads my delivery address as where I live.

Only new to all this, could someone please give me some direction.

Many Thanks



Hi and welcome,

If the Seller has set up the gig correctly… once you go thru the payment steps, you should see a set of instructions created by the Seller.

The instructions should be followed and completed by you. When you hit the send button, two things happen, 1. The instructions are sent to the buyer and 2. the countdown begins.

The countdown is the amount of hours and/or days the Seller has to do the gig and send it back to you.

If your instructions are not clear, or if the Seller needs additional info, or has any questions, the Seller should get back to you rather quickly. And you should respond quickly.

Some buyers put the order in, not realizing there are instructions and then the order just sits in a limbo space and the countdown clock does not start.

If the buyer goes off-line or on vacation, and the Seller tries to contact the Buyer without success, it delays the Seller from getting started on the project, and can ultimately cause issues.

Once you’ve placed an order, read and fulfill the instructions, and be readily available to handle any communication from the Seller.

The Seller will never see any of your personal information.

Good luck! :slight_smile: