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Payment and grace period


I have a question regarding payment. I recently did my first gig on here and Im waiting for the 2 week grace period to pass (which is ridiculous, seeing as ********* [another marketplace] is alot faster than that). But what I wanna know is after the 14 days when you get paid, each time you complete a gig and get payment do you have the wait the 14 days?
That would be annoying, and make me not wanna use this site anymore.

Thanks people!

Mod Note: other marketplace’s name removed.

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You agreed to this when you accepted Fiverr TOS (when you made account) where it is clearly saying clearance period is 14 days for new, level 1 and level 2 sellers, and TRS & PROs have 7 days clearance.

14 days clearance starts when order is marked as completed.


Hello @friendlynabour,

It is completely your decision on which freelance platform you will be working. You do NOT use any other freelance platform name ( U****k ) on fiverr & fiverr forum. It is against fiverr Terms of service & forum rules. Thank you.


Ok, sorry I apologize

Thanks for letting me know