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Payment and guaranty


hi jess E

1 can we buy 50 , 100 or more gig’s in one payment or more with a discount ! it’s prepaid for you and i can use it whenever i want.

2 what guaranty i have that the seller will deliver? and if he delivers but the results is doesn’t fit my expectations, is there anyway to obtain a refunding , if yes how can i proceed?


It’s not recomended for a seller for doing business with a buyer that orders 10-20 gigs or more ($50-$100). The reason is represented by a great vulnerability of system: buyer ask for refund, and for a $5 gig isn’t a problem, but for gigs that costs $50 or more… that’s a big problem because many buyers could abuse the sellers. Sincerly, I wouldn’t like to offer refund for teath (buyer) that try to get free work.


good remarks, but as usual good boys are paying for bad boys! 90% of the people are doing an honest use of fiverr, and it could be easier even for fiverr, the rule could be no refund for the the problematic case and if there is refund then it must include the discount no more, of course!