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Payment before service or after new user

I am new here and want to buy a service. So ,want to know that I have to Pay before the delivery of sevice or after. And if before then what is the gaurantee that the work will be done may be seller is fraud, how can i trust I mean is there any refund option, if I not recieve the service . Please help me to the policies as I am new.and what are the payment modes



You may want to read ToS and articles from Support section

Users who don´t read, often do not succeed…

I wonder why you ask for help in forum.

What is this supposed to mean? This is what your profile says.



When you order. You make a payment and Fiverr holds that money not the seller. Only after you click yes will the money goes to the seller.

fiverr payment system is bank ,Mastercard ,and Paypal you can see fiverr blog or ask fiverr support

After you click will the payment goes to the seller.