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Payment Clearance Is too long (14days!)

I just succeeded in getting my first client and i was excited until I found out that clearance for payment takes upto 14days not counting the days it takes Paypal etc… to clear the money.
My suggestion is for fiverr to benchmark against sites like ******* [fiverr competitor] which take upto 3 business days to clear ones money, ******* [fiverr competitor] is about the same time i think, certainly not 14days!

@Fiverr improve!

Mod Note: Fiverr competitor’s name removed.


It’s clearly written in Fiverr’s Terms of Service. When you created your account, you had to check the box stating that you have read the Terms and that you agree.


It should become less of an issue when you’re getting regular orders.

Ok, thanks for your feedback!

This is wrong, I think. A buyer gets their delivery seller gets their money. A classic transaction. But Fiverr holds on for the money way passed after the order is closed. There is only one reason Fiverr hold on to the money. (Interest).
And it is not a great motivator getting your money in a trickle like it’s pocket money!

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This topic has been discussed so many times here, and each time I’m quite surprised by this. For my main job ( and also my main source of income), I get paid once a month.
Not sure how it is in other countries, but I thought getting paid once a month was pretty normal/standard. I totally get that you want to get your money ASAP ( I do too) , but is 2 weeks really that long? :thinking:


It has always been a 14-day clearance. It’s not that big of a deal to me - as long as the money goes in my bank I’m happy lol. Plus don’t most jobs pay you every other week anyway? What’s the difference?

I get paid bimonthly at my full-time job. A lot of people in my country do. It used to be a monthly payment in the past. Maybe those working in fast food joints get paid weekly, I’m not sure; I think that the only people who get paid immediately after they do the job are plumbers, electricians, and other people we call to fix something. Oh, and cleaners, too, if you call someone to clean up your home instead of doing it yourself.


Fiverr pro seller and top rated seller can withdraw their amount within 7 days!! So I am waiting for this golden age :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can shorten clearance time once you become a top rated seller (payment clearance up to 7 days)

Keep up the good work and soon you’ll get there.

Yeah, working as an employee one gets paid once a month usually but isn’t the motivation behind freelancing the immediate pay?

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I totally agree! Thats the whole point of freelancing - immediate pay

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Our money is being escrowed for no reason I think is the feeling here. If there is no reason to do it then people want an answer. eBay holds your money for the right reasons. I think the real reason people don’t like this is because buyers cancel without no reason after the sale is fully closed. Fiverr does not have a pay roll to deal with.

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