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Payment clearance should be in 7 days rather than 14 days


Payment clearance should be in 7 days to clear rather than 14 days. what’s your opinion fiverr sellers?


For me, it makes no difference, because I seek for long term relationship with fiverr.

Anyway, you can change if for 7 days by becoming a Top Rated Seller. It’s not easy but it’s possible


Since you asked for my opinion…

I think the clearance is just fine the way it is. Most people – in other forms of employment – get paid every two weeks. Why do you feel that needs to be different here?

The current 14-day fund clearance is a security thing. Fiverr needs to make sure all completion and refund issues are wrapped up before funds are cleared for withdrawal. Fiverr does give Top Rated Sellers a 7-day clearance, however, this is more of a trust thing – since TRS sellers are vetted. If you want 7-day clearance, you will have to be a TRS seller.


I agreed sir, i think then 10 days are enough for clearance. it’s very hard for newbies to wait for long time. As in start new sellers got not much orders and not charge high and for just $5 they have to wait for 14 days. Fiverr should revisit the clearance policy in this case. it’s just my opinion.


14 days are just fine. If you can wait 10 days, you can wait four more days than that.

Then you’re going to have to learn how to wait. Other people get paid every 14 days in their jobs. You can wait 14 days as well.

You can get more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs, just like any other business does. If you want more income, then raise your prices. It seems silly to complain about things you can freely change of your own choosing.

I’m pretty sure they won’t. If something isn’t broken, why try to fix it? Fiverr clears funds in 14 days for most sellers, and 7 days for Top Rated Sellers. This clearance system seems to be working just fine.

Indeed it is.


Thank you so much for your time sir. got it now.:blush:


When you’re making a wish then maximize it - ask for 0 day clearance :wink:


:smiley: you are right hehehe