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Payment Done .But Still no confirmation


HI guys,

I just placed and order. After give the all card details it went another page showing the process bar… Once it done msg came saying we are processing your order and will send you a email…

No email have sent …And it is not shown in my dashboard or any where else… also I contacted the seller he didnt receive any thing…

what is the problem… Is it normally take some time???

Thank you


Hello Rajitha,
I have had buyers face similar situation as yours, wherein their payment would not get processed.
You can check with your bank to see if your card was debited for the payment and also contact Fiverr CS and let them know.
Sometimes there could be some delay in processing your payment as well.
But I suggest you get this checked from the Fiverr Customer Support.


Sometimes, I do not get an email confirmation until the order requirement has been filled out. Sometimes, I get email right away (typically those that do not have requirements)

(1) On the black bar, click the horn (notifications)
(2) Click the Seller’s Name
(3) Scroll down and you should see “Order Requirements” written in blue with a clipboard.
(4) If the seller has requirement for you to fill out, then do so and hit submit. The timer will start.

No, it is instantaneous.

IF that does not work or if you have nothing under the notification icon. Try this:

(1) Click yyou name in top right corner, buying, manage orders
(2) Under Active/All section, you should have one order.

If there is nothing there, like lafaraz said, check to see if your credit card or paypay has been charged. If yes, send a screen shot (blocking out sensative info) to Customer Service.


Ok thx guys… in notification I can’t see any thing …it is empty…and my credit card is not debited…I’ll try to contact customer support …but they asking for order number for that…do you know email address to contact them?