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Payment For Tip Jar Isn't Coming Through


Exactly what the title says. It’s been almost a month since I received these tips from a buyer. The estimated current revenues reads it fine, so what’s going on? How do I resolve this?

Screenshot of the exact nature of my problem is attached.


Did you put something in the ‘instruction’ portion of the gig? That might be the issue.


Give them a ‘kick up the bum’ by clicking the link that is similar to ‘buyer not responding’ and just tell them that before you can receive the tip they need to update the order :slight_smile: Most of the time this works!


Let me get this straight, just because I had this problem too. If you put NOTHING in the instructions, the order AUTOMATICALLY goes through and you dont have to wait for the buyer to ‘activate it’?


I see. Well, I did put instructions in my Tip Jar, so that could explain it. I’ll take out the instructions, update my gig, and see if this resolves the issue.


Actually, after doing what you suggested, one of my order statuses just changed to “Delivered.” If the same happens with the other one, then it works.