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Payment for work

I have started working with one of my customer. I have got into initial invetigation of the the issue that he expects us to resolve. In which phase i should request him to complete the payment.

What do you mean by “complete payment”?
Did you read how fiverr works? You buyer paying for your services and that’s creating an order, then you deliver you order your client has a choice to complete your order or request revisions.

If you did something different then you should read fiverr help page on how fiverr system works.

Should I work after he make the payment or will i get the payment after the order is complete. I am new to fiverr

Please read this :point_down:

Fiverr put a lot of effort explaining how their system works. Please do not ignore it and invest your time in reading how fiverr works.

  1. They wrote terms of service
  2. They made help page with questions answered and videos explaining it.
  3. They created free course on fiverr learn on how to be great seller and explaining how fiverr works.

I thinks that more than enough for you to watch videos to learn how you should use fiverr.

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