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Payment Gateway : WordPress - Woo Commerce


The Story:
A few months ago, we got a Team to develop our Online Market Space using WordPress and WooCommerce. They develop the entire eCommerce Platform but left the online payment on hold because we require to obtain approval from our Central Bank for approval to activate our online payment. Now the Central Bank have approved and we have selected our Online Payment Gateway via PayDollar to enable customers to pay via online at our portal.

The issue:

  1. PayDollar have given us their script and we have tried to integrate with our eCommerce Platform but it doesn’t work

Action Requirement:

  1. To investigate the issue and integrate PayDollar to our eCommerce Platform


  1. Since our eCommerce Portal is already online, we will try it on our staging and if it works and PayDollar confirms its working, we will than perform the same onto our Production Playform.
  2. We’ve our personalf who is managing and maintaining this Platform and would require you to show them on what you are doing
  3. for Security & Copyright requirements: All activity to be carried out only via remote access - sharing screen with our Team.

Let me know if you need further information and please advise next action.

Thank you.

Summarize the info and post it on buyer request. Don’t share your bank details here. This is a forum.

Hi Senthil,

We have the plug in, just need integration to our WooCommerce and Payment

Have Summarize as above

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sure, i can do, contact thro’ my profile