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Payment In Fiverr With VVC

Does Fiverr Accepts Visa Virtual Cards?

Currency = Yen

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No. Fiverr Support Payoneer international Master card… :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure the way Fiverr handles any Visa card is to have you check out as a guest through PayPal. When you use the guest option on PayPal you don’t need a PayPal account, you just get prompted for your credit card number for payment. The last time I used it I think they accepted pretty much any Visa, MasterCard, American Express and maybe a few others. Even a Visa gift card worked.

It doesn’t matter the currency because Fiverr pays the seller using USD as the setting. I don’t know exactly how that part works, but I think it would just charge you how much Yen is the equivalent of $6 or more USD. (The cheapest gig you could buy is $5 plus a $1 processing fee, so that is the lowest amount.) If your Visa Virtual Card can be used through a PayPal account or a guest Visa payment, it will work. For more info you could contact Fiverr Customer Support. Here is an article that may be helpful and it states that any major credit card usually works unless your country is not allowed:

Yes, and more, as mentioned in the link.

Hello Fiverr,

Recently someone work for me in this great marketplace. He worked for my domain and hosting service website that accept Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum etc His bill $15 and now I want to pay him. I thought virtual card is allow here. I have no paypal. So what should I do now? Please assist me so that I can pay him.

It supports payoneer master card!