Payment is still processing on Payoneer


Hi community,

We withdrew the money using Fiverr revenue card option. It said that withdraw was successful and that we will recieve an email. The usual. Well, this didn’t work this time. We still didn’t recieved an email and when we go to our Payoneer account it says Processing Card Load. Payment is recognised by Payoneer, but funds are not available. It’s been almost two days after the withdraw. We chose fast payment option to be automatically selected, which is 2 hours. We have contacted Fiverr support and they said that Payoneer handles the payments, and that it’s up to them. Then we contacted Payoneer, and they didn’t even bothered to reply personally. We got generated message which says that time it takes for a payment to reach Payoneer is up to sender, which is in this case Fiverr. And that it usually takes up to 5 business days. We have recieved a lot of payments and it never took more than 5 hours (one time only). It was always recieved in an hour or so.

Has anyone experienced similiar situation? What are your advices and thoughts on this?

Thank you!


I’m having problems with Payoneer too. They listed the transfer status of my withdrawal as “Cancelled” but I still haven’t gotten the money back on Fiverr. Now I have to contact both companies just to straighten out their incompetence.


Hello @russflex flex, I’m experiencing the exact same problem as you did, in that payoneer says the payment was cancelled and the money isn’t recovered on fiverr. Is there anyway you managed to resolve this, I’m very worried!


I believe I contacted the Payoneer customer support and they fixed the problem.