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Payment issue Delayed

Hello, I make a withdraw to Payoneer on 6 September. but still, I didn’t get my payment at Payoneer. It shows Withdrawal Initiated. I also knock the Fiverr support on 9 September, didn’t get any response yet. any suggestions for me?


Fiverr CS won’t help you on this, as long as it shows it has been withdrawn from your Fiverr’s balance. Payoneer is taking a longer time nowadays to send payments. I’d suggest you wait for a couple days, and if you still haven’t received yet, contact Payoneer’s CS.


i already wait 9 days. ok, i will talk to payoneer about the issue. thanks mate.

As of now, it has just been 7 working days, it’s normal in my experience. I suggest waiting a couple more days, because Payoneer’s CS is horrible to interact with, so save yourself the pain, and be a bit more patient.

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