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Payment issue from fiverr to bank account

i did not receive my fiverr payment through payoneer to local bank from last 6 days
any one can help me?

If you send it from Payoneer to your bank account and it doesn’t show up there, you need to contact the CS of Payoneer. Only they can help you.


Well, you need to read Payoneer T&C before using the direct payment to a local bank.Contact the CS of Payoneer, so you know the status.

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Did you get email notification yet?

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@excelfix i get e mail notification,transaction id also
but not recieved money

Don’t worry
I just received in 11 days.
Just call to payoneer and tell them about it.

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ok ,can i call them on live chat?thank you

no you can live chat

thank you …

same issue with me. They said that they have send the payment but my bank said that they didn;t recieve. 10 days have been passed but still my problem didn’t resolve plz help what should i do

just wait,my transactions take 28 days

payoneer send me MI103 form to verify whats that?

no idea,my payments are also pending

Contact payoneer … As per my experience with then i found their support center is good , they will resolve it soon …

they are customer caring,its our local banks fault