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Payment Issue, help needed

I made a payment of Fiverr via Payoneer to my bank account on 10th of November. I have not received my hard earn money yet. It was my first time on Payoneer. Any advice?


Did you received any email by Payoneer that “Your payment is on its way” To — Bank with details? Normally this mail send after few minutes of transaction. If yes then you should call to your Bank’s head office and if not then contact Payoneer support team.

Thanks. Yes, I got that message from Payoneer via email. It was my first time on Payoneer. I even contacted to my bank and they told me that the payment of Payoneer comes to them via some third party and they have not gotten the payment to transfer in my account yet. It is really annoying situation. I really do not know what to do.

Strange as Payoneer to Bank transfer just take max 1 hour on working days. I guess you might not provided correct IBN# in Payoneer bank details. Please check

Already checked, sir. My friend was telling me it takes time of more than 5 days for the first time on Payonner to transfer money to bank account. Please let me know what should I do?

Be relax as your payment either will hit in your bank or it’ll be return in your Payoneer account Just open a ticket with your bank. Just open the bank’s website and you’ll find a way to register a complaint. Also make sure that you have online account type as it help for fast transfers. Thanks

Thank you, Sir. It is helpful.