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Payment issue in fiverr mobile app

Due to this issue, I lost around 1400 rupee in INR currency…

The problem is when you withdraw money from fiverr mobile app it by default choses paypal and not payoneer, I have both setup and I always used to withdraw from payoneer on fiverr website, but this time I was using app and I give it a shot for withdrawal and to my surprise it default choses paypal and paypal has hefty charges and poor conversion rates which is why I dont prefer it. When I compared it was around 1400 rupees less from payoneer. This is purely a loss of our hard earned money, we cant simply suffer by the bugs/issues in fiverr app.
I was actually under impression that when I click withdraw on app it would ask me the payment method but it was not like that which is quite surprising.
I request to the Fiverr development team to look at it and fix otherwise ppl will not prefer withdrawal from app.