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Payment issue plz help


I am Doing fiverr since 6 months and I earned 150 dollar and i transfered this money to my bank .So Can Anyone tell me how much time it takes for first transaction.I transfered money on 8 dec 2018 and when i checked today i did not find the money. Plz help me.Thank you


For the first time, it takes a little time, but how did you transfer money to the bank? Is it payoneer or paypal?


Thank You for Help
Actually I transfered money through Payoneer


It should not take beyond 4 to 5 days, provided you have ‘available balance’ showing for withdrawal.


i had this experience once. it took time ten plus days but i received.


Ok, Thank You Veniceart


Check in your Payoneer upcoming or pending transactions, you will see something there. If nothing is there, contact CC of Fiverr and Payoneer.