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Payment Issue via Payoneer


Dear All Fiverr Freelancers,

Kindly advice to sort out my issue. I have processed money transfer from Fiverr via Payoneer in my MCB bank account in Pakistan.

It’s been almost 22 Days but transaction not happened. I filled all account details correctly.
I inquire from Payoneer. They told money will be transferred normally within 3-5 working days.

They even send me transfer document with details. But after checking with MCB global remittances dept. they said there is no transaction happened.

Again I have sent my account statement and void check picture, so Payoneer can verify the account details. Again it’s 4 Days passed but no reply from their customer care Dept.

I want to know if anybody faces the same issue and if yes. How can I sort out?

Any other feedback or suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks to all.


Hello! What does it say on the “View Transactions” Page. Does it say Withdrawn to (Bank Account) ?


Thank you.

Yes on Fiverr it is saying Withdrawn and at Payoneer showing Payment Loaded.

Even they send me transaction proof. Rest I explain the issue. Need guidance.


@wp_kid Any suggestions for this lad?


It means Payment has been sent from payoneer. nothing they can do. Now adding your bank information are you sure you filled everything correctly? It took them about a month to get connected to my bank (Askari)

did you verify your bank info?


I’m not sure, but sometimes local Banks need a manual process to link with Payoneer. I guess your Bank didn’t do that process. For now, you need to verify your identity in Payoneer 1st. You can go to live chat and ask why the process is delaying. Payoneer has its own users forum. To get the best solution you should give a post in Payoneer forum.


It is shown “Withdrawn to Bank” it means Payoneer has released his payment. I am not sure payoneer can do much at this point. I think he needs to verify if he has put the right bank information and also contact his bank.


Hi All,

Thank you for valuable feedback so for. It’s helpful.

Yes I have verified the IBAN number before providing to Payoneer since I am doing international transfers on the same IBAN and account details for many years from so for.

I called my receiving bank as well but they don’t have clue of transaction and they confirm the IBAN is correct.

Payoneer asked to provide the account statement with IBAN. Which I am arranging.


See, the issue is linking with his Payoneer to the bank account. Payoneer user forum is the right place a get right solution for his problem :slight_smile:


Alright! Hope it all gets sorted out.


Thanks Guys, Got the money in Bank account after 27 days of the transaction. Lots of followups sent to both side during this period. They suppose to send money within 5 working days but it’s not the case.


@tariqramzan2002 i am facing same issue since 11 days,
i complain payoneer,they are not responding,
please guide me,
i made 2 transactions they were successful but 3rd payment is not revived,i am worry


Hi Asad,

If the bank details are same where you received the money, then there will be no problem. Sometimes it takes longer, In my case, I received the first transaction in 27 days and second within 10 days.

So you will definitely get your money, it can be delayed due to the holiday season, Also I learned if your bank account is in Habib Bank, You will get money fast as they are the main agent of Payoneer, if your bank account is in different bank, it takes another 3,4 extra to complete the transaction.

Hope this will be helpful.

Have a great day!

Thank You


thank you, my bank is habib bank,but not receiving,hope i will receive,


You will receive soon, wait few days.


Thank you alot,i also complain payoneer


They will reply your query soon. in case not received just send reminder.


ok sir,thank you…


@tariqramzan2002,payoneer is saying ,we had sent,hbl is saying we did not received,what should i do?


Did they sent you the transaction slip? If yes then you will receive sooner or later. Delay is due to holidays across the glob.