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Payment issues on my buyer"s side

Hi, I have already 2 buyers want to order my gig but they are having an issue with their payments. They are getting an error and they already contacted fiverr support about it, but they are not helping at all. They said that fiverr only told them to try again, but they are still getting an error, but fiverr support just told them that thet did not receive any payment without further resolution.

Anyone encountered this before? Is this an issue with my account? Or is it just with the fiverr website as a whole?

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Hi - welcome to the forum.

This is a frequent scam to try and get work out of you for free. They see you’re a new seller and think they can take advantage of you.

My advice is to divert them to your spam folder and report them.


Okay, thanks. But anyone encountered to have an issue with their account at all? Like your buyer cant order anything because of your account issue? Is there a chance that they cannot order from you because of this thing?

Nope. It’s unpleasant people trying to take advantage of you because you’re new.

You’ll get a real order if you keep at it.


OKay thanks. I really appreciate it.

In the over two years since I have been here, I have never had a buyer say they had an issue with their payment.

@coerdelion is correct. This type of buyer is trying to take advantage of you. They will offer to pay you some other way, which would be breaking Fiverr TOS and then you could lose your account.

Fiverr wants to make :moneybag:. Therefore, Fiverr is going to work hard to make sure a real buyer’s payment method works. Besides I would not want to work with anyone who has payment issues.


Hi @realinstagrow,

Just in case, they do are having any type of issue, you can always tell them that you would be glad to work on their job once they get the issue solved and place the order.

Never, ever, work without a buyer placing an order.


Yes, that is another trick these scam sellers :smiling_imp: like to do. They trick new sellers into sending their work through the message via the :paperclip: paperclip instead of through the order via the green Deliver Now button!


@coerdelion @vickiespencer I’m giving, and giving you likes, and it happens I have none left… :confounded: :sweat_smile:

For you both while I refill… :upside_down_face: :heart:


Thank you so much for your input.

Oh I see, It will surely help me and thanks for the warning,

Yes, they are very helpful and very responsive.

Either they’re scamming you OR they’ve maybe done a previous chargeback on their card and Fiverr is denying them.


Hi sorry i know im responding late, but its not always a scammer. Im trying to by a job and it keeps kicking my payment back after it charges my card. So there are issues with fiverr.

I am not scammer and trying to pay money through all three way from india but not working.