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Payment Management for Promoted Ads

Right now there only appears to be 2 options to pay for promoted ads.

1.) It pulls from your available balance.
2.) You link a credit card to be used should your balance drop below $0.

My issue with this is that it prevents me from withdrawing my earned income. If I have ads running and I decide to withdraw my income (which I typically do every month, and because you are only given the option to withdraw ALL available balance) then my ads would stop running until my next set of funds cleared. Correct?

I’m not really interested in paying out of pocket for ads during those few days in between withdrawing and when a new payment might clear into my balance, so I have no interest in attaching a credit card.

What I would like to see is the option to deposit a portion of my available balance and make it available for ads. Let’s say I take $100 from my existing balance and move it to my ad budget. Now I should be able to withdraw all of my remaining funds without impacting my ads.

This of course would need to work in reverse as well. If I move $100 to my ads budget, I would need the option to withdraw that money should I decide to quit running ads. I shouldn’t be forced to leave that money over there should I change my mind.

Does any one else have experience running ads? Are you happy with the results so far? Do my ideas here make sense?

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No. Adds stays ON. The due amount for ads is deducted from the next future earnings.
So far I’m happy with the result, the previous month was a bit dull, But It’s good in January (so far).


Interesting. Did you read that somewhere… or has that just been your personal experience so far with the ads?

It was on my invoice for Dec. 1 - Dec. 31. I got it on Jan 01.