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Payment Method & Basic Help of Fiverr

Hello Dears, I am new here. I have much knowledge & experience on Responsive Web Designing with Bootstrap & Boilerplate. I can convert PSD to HTML. I have also basic knowledge about PHP, JQuery, WordPress, SEO, Blogging. As I want to make my career as a Freelancer on Web Developing categories, I have come here to provide most reliable & perfect help on Web Developing. But I didn’t found Payment Method. How I can add my Payment Method on here? Does it support Check System? And I need suggestions from expert Seller how can i increase my reviews to establish my Fiverr profile & Buyer how type help you need or expect from an expert Web Developer? Please Help me everybody.


Elliyas A.

Hi Elliyas. Start by reading the Fiverr Terms of Service (you should have done that before signing up). And then read through the Tips for Sellers category, it’s full of info.

Im having same problem . Why can you just tell us instead of us having to go through that long document ?

Reply to @marin200: Why should anyone do your work for you? How about you share out some of your Fiverr earnings with everyone who helps you on the forum?

Besides, you have no worries, boobs sell here. You might want to read the Terms so you know how to get your money. :wink: