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Payment Method for Sellers of Bangladesh

There are thousands of Sellers from Bangladesh. Only option to withdraw our money is Payoneer, Which is very expensive to maintain. On the other hand, PayPal is not available in our country.

I would request Fiver team to set up a new payment method for Bangladesh. I would suggest to enable us to withdraw money directly to Bank Account, not through Payoneer.


If there is a system to credit the bank accounts, a good proposal


I agree even in Pakistan Paypal is not available.


Yes, that’s the same problem with me,
if I agree with you completely, we would have been good for all of us.:disappointed_relieved:


It will be very good news for all sellers over the world, if Fiverr can enable direct bank transfer payout method.


How about the bank transfer??

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I am sorry I couldn’t raise my hand with you. You mentioned PayPal isn’t available in our country it’s true. but Fiverr gives us the opportunity to withdraw the money using Paoneer and why do you think payoneer is hard for us. I am also from bangladesh.

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He is right. Payoneer is expensive.


It will be very helpful, If paypal is available in Bangladesh.

I am not agree with you. Payoneer is not expensive. You can create free account and no yearly charge needed. Some people create payoneer account and order master card as well. As a result they have to pay $29 yearly. On the other hand if you don’t order card just use USD account and link the account using fiverr revenue card then no yearly charge or transaction charge needed. Just Payoneer will cut conversion charge. After conversion charge you will get 83+ BDT.

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Hi Guys, I am new on Fiverr and got 2 small orders with earned small amount of money like $35.

How much money deduct for Bank transfer to Bangladesh and what is the minimum amount I can transfer?


It’s True. I can’t withdraw my hard earning under $50 on Payoneer. It’s very disappointing for me.

This is a very good topic you represent on forum.
I also suggest fiverr to enable a direct bank transfer. That you help us more. Payoner is more expensive.

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Much appreciated.Its benefitted more seller from Bangladesh but I think,Let fiverr do something that will benefit not only Bangladesh but many more


If anyone wants to use card them I must say it’s a bit expensive.

I always prefer direct Bangladeshi local bank transfers. If the Fiverr Authority starts this payment method system it will be very helpful.

Payoneer is expensive

I am agree with your opinion… Most of the freelancer is Asia based. so we need a good solution from fiverr.

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