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Payment Method on Fiverr!

Hi. I am a new seller on Fiverr. I want to know if buyer want to buy my service, would I need Paypal or other service so that buyer will pay to me? I don’t want to withdraw cash right now. Is there a Fiverr cash receiving account where buyer will send cash? Thanks.

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The buyer uses PayPal or credit cards to pay Fiverr. Fiverr will hold your funds for you. You can use your earnings to buy gigs or just let them accrue. If you ever want to get your money from Fiver, then you need PayPal or Payoneer but the buyer doesn’t see your payment info.

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Thank you Fonthaunt. So I don’t need Paypal or credit card for receiving cash from buyers? Secondly, If I want to buy service, can I transer funds from fiver account to other Fiverr account?

Having multiple accounts on fiverr is not allowed. And I don’t think you can transfer money from one account to the other.

I meant by that, if I want to buy any Gig, can I transfer cash from my Fiverr account to the Seller’'s Fiverr account?

When you buy a gig you pay Fiverr for it. Fiverr after completion of the order sends the money to the seller which he/she receives after 14 days of completion of the order into his fiverr account,
which he/she can withdraw to paypal/payoneer at any point of time.

I want to know can i transfer cash from my Fiverr account to the Seller’s Fiverr account?

You mean the seller’s Fiverr account? If you’re buying, you’re a buyer, and you’re buying from a seller.

There’s no direct transfer as such, but yes, you can use the money you have in your Fiverr account to buy from other sellers.

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Oh sorry my bad. I mean Seller’s account. So can I transfer cash from my Fiverr account to the sellers Fiverr account?

Not directly, no. You can use cash from your Fiverr account to buy from another seller, Fiverr will hold that cash after you place the order, and 2 weeks after the order was successfully completed, the seller will receive the funds from Fiverr.

Read the Terms of Service, and you’ll see how Fiverr works (you’ll also learn the rules, so that you don’t accidentally break them and get banned from Fiverr):

For more explanations, there’s the Help section, too:

In this case, you are a buyer and of course you can send the fund to other sellers through orders.
Note that fiverr will take 20% of the total fund so the seller will receive 80% of what you send.

I think Fiverr should have that option, to tranfer cash from my Fiverr account to the sellers Fiverr account. Hmm…

You don’t need PayPal or a credit card to have Fiverr hold your earnings in your Fiverr account. If you want to move your earnings to a bank or get “cash” you would need a PayPal or Payoneer account.

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There is never a need for this. If you have $10 in your Fiverr account and you want it to go to a seller, you buy a $10 gig from that seller. Fiverr then moves the money from your account to their account, minus commission.

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So I can transfer cash from my Fiverr account to the sellers fiverr account? If I want to buy a Gig at $5 and Can I pay Seller from my Fiverr account?


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Thanks fontaunt…So Fiverr will give me an option to transfer cash from my account to the sellers account?

You don’t just see an option to transfer funds to sellers account, you have to use it to buy gig(s) from the seller.
On the side of the seller, fiverr will then charge 20% of the total transaction.

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I have answered you all that I can. You can buy gigs from other sellers with your earnings. It’s simple. For more, try the help articles at

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