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Payment method problem

Hi There
i have one Payoneer account already was one Fiverr account added in 2/3 months ago old Fiverr are disable and I am clear add fund to Payoneer manage by support now can I use new Fiverr
this Payoneer thank you


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Are you asking a question, or just making a statement?


its my question can you help me

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Not likely, no. We on the Forums are only Buyers and Sellers like you.

Was the previous account(s) disabled by you, or by Fiverr? If you, then you will probably need to contact Customer Support. If by Fiverr, then you’re not permitted to make a new account.

Talk to Fiverr support directly. They will help you.

Thank you for your suggestion
i love your all gig

okay thank you for your suggetion