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Payment methods Problem.Please help me


My Payoneer account has been block. Why block i don’t know.Without payoneer how can i withdraw money from bangladesh .Because Paypal are not Support in Bangladesh .And in fiverr only two payment methods support, Paypal and payoneer.In bank transfer there is also need payoneer. Any one can help me Please!


If your Payoneer have blocked account
Get Payoneer Customer Support


I already did this. But payneer told me they can not unblock my account.What is the reason i don’t know.


Then you have only choice “paypal”.


I already told this.but they Can not release from fiverr.This is really Unfair with freelancer from payoneer.


yes.But bro you have an option and you know that how to use that


Paypal not support in Bangladesh. :disappointed_relieved:


I am Also Bangladeshi … I think you are understanding what I am saying … This is the last option that you can use.


Can you tell me again please?


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Thanks bro for your help.Let me try this


You are welcome .And If you face any problem you can knock me . I will try to help you .


Okay…I will knock you.


hmm…friend have you used some Vpn? if so, then payoneer could have blocked your account because of that…


no ,i did’n use vpn…