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Payment Methods


I suggest allowing payoneer global bank transfer for all countries since some people as me are pretty much unable to use fiverr revenue card and paypal isn’t available in my country for receiving payments (Serbia).


Payoneer doesn’t seem to be interested in being a replacement as payment processor. They just want to do the business of card provider and that’s all. If they were to be working like paypal with bank transfer feature, they could have made their enrollment procedure easy. All they want to do is make people use the card. They push their services towards card instead of bank transfer method. But as you can see each of their card offering services differs for every site, (easy to see from the sign up pages) and some of the time, countries which are only meant for bank transfer features for payonner are not being served right. I have suggested them bank transfer feature like payment processor to them year back already and expected them to adjust the sign up forms but, they don’t seem to be interested because they didn’t responded to my thread on their own community forum.

Instead of payoneer, I expect fiverr to have ACH bank transfer for the sellers who have balance more than 100 bucks. That way they can reduce the cost of ACH global service and also don’t have to worry about paypal outages and limitations.


I suggest to Fiverr to enable it/ ask Payoneer to add this option for every account. For other sites Payoneer already got both options enabled, so I guess

ACH/Swift transfer could be fine, but in this case Fiverr would probably need to hire more people to manage it so i am pretty sure they won’t do it. Through Payoneer it is much easier.