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Payment methods

1. I opened fiverr account few days ago. I uploaded a gig.I filled out as many fields i get.But still now,i don't get any field to insert my bank account or about payment methods.What can i do? Need help.

2.Two buyers contacted with me, i replied both of them. But why then,response rate is 50%?

Thank you

Two buyers contacted with me, i replied both of them. But why then,response rate is 50%?

You won’t need a payment provider until you have earnings and if I remember right, you can’t enter one until then. So, once you sell your first gig you will earn $4 and it will take about 14-17 days in holding before that money clears for withdrawal. At that point, you will be able to choose a withdrawal method. It is best to wait until you have earned at least $50 to withdraw, though. All of the withdrawal choices will also charge a portion of your withdrawal and they tend to be less when withdrawing larger amounts. I use PayPal and if I wait until I have at least $50 or more, PayPal caps their take at $1 so I don’t lose much.

Response Rate is a new feature, kind of weird and it doesn’t work very well. For the moment there probably isn’t a lot you can do to force it to show correct statistics. However, Response Rate is only shown to you so no one else can see it. What matters more is Average Response Time which shows up to everyone on your profile. Yours is currently an average of 1 hour which is great. Good luck!

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Thanks for your quick and very informative reply, :slight_smile: . That was my first post here. I made an good website,e-commerce site, and a gig video. But getting no jobs . For 3 days, impressions is 73,view 26,click 23, is it good or bad, what can i think?

@sincere thank you for your feedback on my gig.

@sincere18 thanks

Hi all,
I have set the payout option to be paid to Payoneer and though, I have now only clarifying paments but how will I be able to request a payoneer payout?
At payout page there’s not an option for payoneer however, I did can set my payoneer data in fiverr system.
How can it be?

Reply to @codingtiger: You made a good website and e-commerce site? Are you trying to say you do website design? You only h ave one gig and that is not clear from the title of that gig.

And yes, it takes time and it normal, not everyone makes sales right away it takes time.

Reply to @aquiles177: Do you already have the physical payonner card in your hands right now?