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Payment not getting processed

One of my clients is trying to purchase my gig, however, when he tries to make the payment, it simply won’t process. He has tried two different cards, and tried many times over the past three days, but still no luck. He also has sent three inquiries to fiverr, but thanks to its extra efficiency and punctuality, the buyer didn’t get response to any of his queries. If someone has experienced this before, please recommend a solution as I may loose a good order and a good client. Thanks…!!


I’m having the same problem, but I’m the buyer in this case. I need to hire a gig as soon as possible, but Fiverr won’t let me pay

I was checking here to see if I was the only one

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You might try sending him an offer for whatever he is trying to purchase.

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Actually, it was a custom order. I had sent him an offer, but its been fourth day now, and he still cant pay for the order. Fiverr is not replying to his queries.

Its really frustrating. Its been four days now and the buyer can’t get through the issue.

I’m Also having this issue any updates?

I am also having this issue and I’ve contacted Fiverr three times without any response. It’s very frustrating and I can’t purchase the service I badly need because of it. Does anyone have any ideas on other ways to purchase these services from the provider of the service and just cut out the Fiverr process in general?.. I mean, since they are not putting any effort into their customer support.