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Payment not receiving on Paypal

Hi, I have newly started to get orders, I don’t know How to withdraw funds to my Paypal account. I have tried 3 times but all unsuccessful. I have created and verified the Paypal account already and linked it with the bank account also. I don’t know what point I may have missed that I’m not able to get my fund transfer. Please help me with the guidelines for this.


The first question is, have you ever received money into your PayPal account? If yes then contact fiverr support. But if you’ve never received money into your PayPal account. Then check whether your country is among the legible countries to receive money using PayPal.


Hi thanks for your response , I’m from India, and it is a legible here to accept money via PayPal. One more thing that I have never used PayPal for any transaction before.
I have contacted the Fiverr support 3 times, my money always gets returned back in my Fiverr account.

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Alright, maybe you should try transfering some bucks into your PayPal account to make sure your account is verified. Just to track where the issue of not receiving the fund is. CS are taking long to respond to your inquiries. So try to figure out something before they respond to you.


Thanks I’ll try to send money from it and confirm if the account is verified. :slight_smile:


Is it solved? Till now.

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No it isn’t yet. I’m looking for friend account option to test transaction.

If your problem is solved please tell me …as I am facing the same problem