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Payment not reflecting, lost bitcoins!

I have made a payment for gig directly to the bitcoin address that was given to me and nothing was credited, a new btc wallet given to me instead. Proof of payment to allocated walleti available.

Kindly refund my account with the bitcoins released to the btc wallet.

Customer Support. We’re just a bunch of users.

I would hope your purchase was made through Fiverr, and not directly to the seller (off-site). All transactions must be handled through the Fiverr system.

As Emmaki said, we’re not Customer Support, so there’s nothing that we collectively can do. Your best bet is with Customer Support.

But as Jonbaas also said. Hopefully, you made your purchases through the Fiverr system. If you didn’t? You’re quite out of luck as there’s nothing that Fiverr can do with off-site payments. That’s why they tell you not to make payments off the website.