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Payment now clears on 15th day

I used to have my payments clear exactly 14 days after the order was complete. Now they clear on the 15th day (noticed as my revenues earned today will clear on the 1st!)

This means that payment takes up to 18 days from the order being delivered to being fully clear if the buyer does not mark it as complete.

They should shorten the time, not make it longer :c

Reply to @emasonwrites: I thought it’s just me… yes, there were some delays! :c

I’ve also been noticing that it is taking longer for orders to auto-complete. For example, I delivered an order on 4/12 (in the morning MST, so still 4/12 in fiverr-land), and it’s didn’t auto-complete until this morning, 4/17. Has anyone else seen that?

Yes clears have been a day late all week.

kjblynx said:
  • I've never had them in exactly 14 days; it usually took another 12-23 hours on top of the 14 ... which is still technically within the 14 day time.

2 years ago it used to be to the exact minute give or take a couple of minutes.

should shorten the time frame to 7-10 days instead

Yeahh. A little bit worried on that one. I contacted Fiverr CS in regards to it on all my delayed orders and all of a sudden they all were shown as completed. Maybe they’re able to run some kind of automated check that fixes it really quickly? Not sure. Just seemed… really weird to me.

I thought it was just me as well. I made quite a few Support questions to Fiverr about this as it causes some serious delay. I strongly recommend that Fiverr adds the following suggestion: Revenue that is pending should be able to be spent on other gigs. That’d be awesome, thanks.

Reply to @madmoo: I send a support ticket every time that happens to me. I’m sure they’re very annoyed with me at this point, but I still have money pending that says it should have cleared on April 12th.

The thing is, the ToS still say 14 days clearing time. Must be a glitch.

Wait, some people seem to think that I am talking about payments that have stated that they will clear on a specific day clearing a day after. I am not. I am talking about payments which have been scheduled to clear 15 days later as opposed to 14. For example, the orders that were marked as complete yesterday are scheduled to clear on the 1st (which is 15 days, not 14 days)

Is there not something we can do to get this long delays reduced to like 7 days for heaven sake? We need to let fiverr hear us out folks???