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Payment Option PayPal not supported in my country


Hello guys,
I need help cosigning the payment of my order. My country does not support PayPal. I tried the MasterCard option and was still directed to PayPal… I can see from the forum that members have been complaining about this PayPal option… Fiverr is really loosing big time and seller are receiving the hit. Fiverr should try and introduced other payment option, there are lots of them like bitcoin which is the fastest, Payza, Payoneer,Perfect Money. I will appreciate a review on the payment options. Thanks.


Fiverr uses Payoneer, it connects to your local bank account, google the instructions, or just go to earning, click on Local bank transfer, and Fiverr would instruct you on further configurations…

Moreover, Fiverr has its own fiverr revenue card that works i think with Mastercard that allows you to withdraw via ATM in your country…Check this options…

Go in peace brother :smiley:


I’m buying/paying for Gigs, I don’t have any earnings to withdraw as I’m not a seller. Where can i see the Payoneer option, can i pay with it?


Here are details of payment options:


I have been searching for hours now, to see where saved payment option is, I can’t find it. I click on profile picture by the top right hand, clicked on setting and billing, there is nothing like the description given on PAYING FOR SERVICES… Please i need help to pay for my order. Thanks guys


I use Discover to pay for all my 5r transactions.

They also take Amex, Visa & MC.

I’ve used three different CC without PayPal. All goes thru fine.

If it’s not working for you, try contacting CS.


On my dashboard i cant find were to change the payment option? please i need guidelines or is there something I’m not doing right. I have contacted support, they did not give me a reasonable answer