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Payment Page Not Working (Can't Buy)


I can’t seem to make purchases. I tried resetting my computer, clearing cache, trying on different computer, tablet - - - it’s spinning.

  • Review & Pay Page (Summary)
  • Payment Options
  • Select Payment and it goes in circles - Can’t get past this page.

I don’t know if it’s only me or if there is an issue with 5r site. Please look into this as soon as possible, please.

Edit: I need to make several purchases for a project no later than tomorrow.

Thank you/Gina


Well, You are going to regret mentioning this. :arrow_up:

Good Luck…
Here they come… :running_man:


Thanks. Edited.

I figured it’s “Report a Bug” section, so there shouldn’t be any “buy from me” here.

. . . Besides, I already have the sellers I want! :slight_smile:


You dont know them then. :wink:


Same for me. Won’t load credit card information and there’s an error with Paypal.


That’s exactly what’s happening with me!!

Hopefully, they will put this at the top of their “to do” list. Can’t run a business when people can’t buy. :frowning:


It seems to be a common problem right now. Have you contacted support about it?


Golly, I did read that thread a few minutes ago & totally forgot.

Thanks for the post!