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Payment Policy

In Fiverr we need to set milestone payment policy. So that we are dam secure about Our payment.
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Hello, I am secure about my payments.

I totally agree to this. Otherwise we will need to ask for payments in advance outside of Fiverr for Gigs greater than $10 (Which Fiverr recommends us not to do)

Good way to get your account banned. I’m not sure what this is about. Are you afraid of not getting paid?

If there is a credit or debit card involved accepting online payments is never 100% secure due to risk of chargebacks by crooked buyers or fraudulent payments with stolen financial information. Whether you are using Fiverr or not theres still those risks. In fact when you think about it using Fiverr and other freelance sites minimizes those risks somewhat.

If I understand what you are saying, you can already do this, you just need to do it yourself. Fiverr doesn’t need to be involved and you can do it without violating the Terms of Service. If you want to sell a gig to a buyer that costs $50 but the buyer is new or whatever, just tell the buyer you’d like to do it in milestones.

You can send them a custom quote to start the first milestone, whether you set that at $5 or $10 or whatever. Deliver the first piece of work, make sure they are happy, send them a quote for milestone 2. I do it all the time, especially on very complicated gigs. I’m doing one right now that I started at a $5 milestone and that went well, so for part 2, I’ll do a little more and the buyer is paying $20 which is still small to me.

Yes, I agree that milestones are good and useful, but I don’t think we need them enforced for us. Once I’m very comfortable with a buyer and have an established history, I have no problem offering them a gig that costs hundreds. I don’t want to lose that ability. If someone orders a too-large gig without talking with me, I explain that milestones are good for their safety and mine, I mutually cancel and re-offer them a custom quote.

This is an addendum instead of an edit: I would love to see a feature where we had a window (maybe 12 hours or something we could set ourselves between 1-24 hours) before a gig auto-starts and if we clicked “decline” the gig would be a no-fault cancellation. I wish Fiverr would go for that and it would solve a lot of other issues.

That would be amazing. It is not easy to tell someone you are refusing their order.

hello,i am in big trouble,i have an existing payoneer card.but i cant link it with fiverr.i have already try to open another account with the same info except email add.but this is not working.what should i do?

I’m aware of that. And that’s exactly why I don’t do it. And yes I am. I’ve had bad experiences with customers in other sites.

Yes this would be a great feature.

I often receive orders that have nothing to do with what I offer or the buyer is obviously a cheater or even worse - wants to cheat someone with me as accomplice

In some cases the buyer rejects and rejects, cause he does not accept that he simply bought “the wrong thing”, or he is breaking the rules.

Costs a lot of time & nerves to get rid of these “customers” and for sure, there are no earnings for these “infights”…

Is this an April Fools?

Well… that’s something you need to discuss on those other sites…

You have opened another account with the same info as another account? I don’t understand why it is not working.

I think no. I guess this seller has been scammed after the gig went completed, the funds were returned to the buyer even though they were cleared and he is mad… he just doesn’t know how to explain it. I have been scammed big time 3 months ago and I don’t wish you to experience that ever.

What to do if the client keep on making you do improvements for days but actually he has already got his required file. Now he just want you to give up or make excuses to cancel the order. Please a client is doing this to me and asking for refund. But in real he got his product delivered and now he is just giving me meaningless improvements and trying to cancel :frowning: does fiver support their sellers? Is there any way i could file a complaint??

I had a Paypal refund dispute a Week ago and it was the biggest project i have ever had. Actually there were two Projects but the mistake i made was i don’t split them in two orders.

Ask Customer Support. Submit your request and do what they says.