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Payment Problem Please help


Hello Dear Friends, I Earned 8 Dollars and after 14 days, its pending clearance has been complete and i received 8 dollars in my Account so when i withdraw money then i didn’t receive it in my paypal account. My question is "How much time does it take to receive money from Fiverr, After withdraw. Or its instant payment?


My withdrawals usually take a few seconds to get the email from Fiverr. Then after clicking the verification link in the email, usually a few seconds to minutes for the withdrawal to go through on Fiverr. For the funds to show up in my Paypal account is usually also very quick, but I believe it can sometimes take 24 to 48 hours. Keep in mind that Paypal does charge a fee, which is a percent of the funds transferred but not more than $1.00 (I think; maybe it’s a bit more), so I always wait to transfer funds until I have at least $100. I’ve heard others say they transfer at $25 or $50. It’s whatever amount is enough that you don’t mind the transfer fee as much, I guess.